CV and Publications

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2018. When Soldiers Rebel: Ethnic Armies and Political Instability in Africa. Cambridge University Press. [Online Supplementary Material]

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Peer Reviewed Articles:

2020. “Detecting the Need for Change: How the British Army Adapted to Warfare on the Western Front and in the Southern Cameroons.” European Journal of International Security.  Forthcoming. (with Michael Hunzeker)

2020. “Teaching the Military and Revolutions: Simulating Civil-Military Relations during Mass Uprisings.” PS: Political Science and Politics. Online First. (with Marc R. DeVore) [Online Supplementary Material]

2018. “Measuring the Landscape of Civil War: Evaluating Geographic Coding Decisions with Data from the Mau Mau Rebellion” Journal of Peace Research 55(2): 190-205. (with Rex Douglass) [Online appendix, code, and replication data]

2017. “Military Loyalty and the Failure of Democratization in Africa: How Ethnic Armies Shape the Capacity of Presidents to Defy Term Limits.”  Democratization 24(5): 801-818. [Online Appendix]

2016. “The Ethnic Army and the State: Explaining Coup Traps and the Difficulties of Democratization in Africa.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 60(4): 587-616. [Online Appendix, decolonization_data, democratization_data, Rcode available on request].

  • Winner of the 2017 African Politics Conference Group (APCG) Best Article Award

2015. “US Security Assistance in Africa: The Case for More.” Parameters 45(2): 13-24.

2015. “Military Maladaptation: Counterinsurgency and the Politics of Failure.” Journal of Strategic Studies 38(6): 777-800. (with Michael Hunzeker)

2014. “The Strategy Project: Teaching Strategic Thinking through Crisis Simulation.” PS: Political Science & Politics 47(2): 513-17. (with Michael Hunzeker)

Book Chapters:

2020. “Cameroon: The Military and Autocratic Stability.” In Oxford Encyclopedia of the Military in Politics. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

2019. “Militaries.” In, Gabrielle Lynch and Peter VonDoepp (eds.), Handbook of Democratization in Africa. Routledge.

Book Reviews:

2014. “Is Vision Enough? Review: Africa Emerges: Consummate Challenges, Abundant Opportunities by Robert I. Rotberg (Cambridge and Malden, MA: Polity Press).” Review of Politics 76(3): 525-527.

2013. “Review: The Soldier and the Changing State: Building Democratic Armies in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas by Zoltan Barany (Princeton: Princeton University Press).”  Political Science Quarterly 128(3): 572-574.


2017 (November 22). “Without Mugabe, Is Democracy Coming to Zimbabwe? Probably Not.” The Monkey Cage (hosted by the Washington Post).

2016 (October 9). “To Promote Stability and Democracy in Africa Focus on Its Militaries.” Lawfare (hosted by the Lawfare Institute in cooperation with the Brookings Institution).

Under Review:

  • “The Ethnic Stacking in Africa Dataset: When Leaders Use Ascriptive Identity to Build Military Loyalty” [R&R, Conflict Management and Peace Science]

Working Papers:

  • “Mass Protests and Ethnic Armies: How Coup Proofing Impacts Military Defection” (with Kara Kingma Neu)
  • “Introduction: The Military and Mass Protests in Africa” (in preparation for a policy roundtable with the Texas National Security Review)
  • “Does Coup Proofing Work? The Impact of Ethnic Stacking on Leader Survival and Coup Risk”
  • “The Costs of Silence: Collective Punishment and Intelligence Extortion during the Kenya Emergency” (with Rex Douglass)
  • “Logics of Brutality: An Analytical Framework for Comparing COIN Tactical Effectiveness Across Contexts”
  • “Barriers to Peace: Ethnic War and the Paradox of Rebel-Military Integration”